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Another Exciting project delivered last month

Another fantastic project delivered by Saint IT ltd last month. We’re so pleased to have been able to work for this worthwhile research project for Stirling University.

We’ve learnt a lot about Bridge, it truly is more then a game. It’s a MindSport for all. This website which had been in the planning for many months has a global reach. The feedback which has been coming in from all over the world is extremely positive.

We’re so pleased everyone loves it and without a doubt it will be a huge resource for BAMSA to promote Bridge and all the benefits the world over. Go and check out their website at

If you’re looking to up give your website a refresh then you know were to find us. Check us out on


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Green Internet Browsing

Our Safe Browsing Recommendation

For many years now Saint IT have recommended to all our clients that they use DuckduckGo as the primary browser / search engine to use. It is safe, fast and secure and they won’t track your browsing activity. This means you won’t be bombarded with unwanted products and your personal details are kept private.

We still recommend this browser now and many of our employees use this search engine every day. There is an app for Android and Apple devices and you can install the extension and set duckduck go as the default search engine on your PC too.


Green Internet Browsing Recommendation

But maybe you’re not just worried about how your personal data is being used online? Maybe you’re also concerned about the environment? Do you know the damage that is being done by Big Tech companies? Are you wondering if there is more you can do? Well! the good news is YES! THERE IS…

Saint IT Ltd are now official supporters of as the Green Internet Browsing Recommendation

Now you can use an internet search engine that gives back to the environment. Every time you search the internet ANOTHER TREE IS PLANTED.

Download the extension to your browser now or download the app for your mobile device from Google Playstore or the App Store. It literally is a no brainer. It’s still fast, still safe and secure but now you’re planting trees whilst you search too.

Don’t believe us? check this out:

Ecosia: Plant Trees While You Search The Web

Ecosia use the profit they make from your searches to plant trees where they are needed most. Get the free browser extension and download the mobile app and plant trees with every search.

with this amazing organisation you literally save the world one search at a time.

At the time of writing this, just look at the stats from their own website:

15 million users

Family Emerency? | is your phone in Sleep Mode?

Updated on 26-01-2021

Sleep Mode

So today (07-10-2016) my son was in a 70mph car accident, he lost control of his car and careered into the central reservation before then hitting the barrier on the left side of the carriage way. Don’t worry nobody was injured and no other cars were involved. Although his car will not be road worthy for some time if ever.

As a parent I feel particularly bad for him and the fact this happened to him but I’m grateful he walked away uninjured. But the main reason I feel so bad is knowing that immediately after the accident he spent 15 minutes on his own trapped in his car trying to phone his family. It was 8 am in the morning, my  Samsung S6 Edge was still on “Sleep Mode” so ringing me literally fell on deaf ears. 

The worst thing is that I know better. There is no reason to have my phone unable to receive emergency calls whilst it is on sleep mode.  Its just laziness I guess for not setting my phone up properly. 

I’m guessing I’m not the only one so if you have an Android phone too and you’ve not enabled Do Not Disturb Exceptions then here is how to set this up. Please note the location of the settings may vary depending on device or model.

  1. Go to Settings and search for: “Do Not Disturb” (Usually under “Sounds and Settings or under “Notifications”)
  2. Enable Do not Disturb, and if you want you can “Enable as Schedule” and set your schedule
  3. Go to Allow Exceptions > and choose “Custom”
  4. Enable “Alarms” else you won’t hear your alarms 
  5. You can enable “allow repeat callers” so anyone who calls more then once within 15 mins
  6. Enable “calls from” and “Messages from”
  7. Set these to “favourite contacts only”
  8. Now go to your contacts and choose which contacts you want to make favourites
  9. on my Android a favourite contact can be enabled by clicking on the star so it changes from outline to solid yellow
  10. Your DND exceptions are now set up
  11. If you use other Sleep mode profiles you will need to ensure that “sound” is set to “on under the sleep mode settings and set the volume to the required percentage.

A simple 5 minute job ensures your close family can contact you when they need to.

Get a grip of your IT Services

Do you need to get a grip of your IT Services. Don’t feel let down and left behind, we offer a whole range of services to suit your business needs and are here ready to help you.
We are a proud supporter of Charities, Not for profit and all SMEs. 
Get A Grip
Feeling let down by your current IT Services?

Are you googled out yet?

In a world of Fake News, online shopping and Social Media can you really trust your search engine?

Do they really give you honest answers to your searches?

How do you know if your top search answer really is the best one?

Is the information you searched for genuine or is it sponsored by someone standing to make a lot of money?

The truth is you cant be sure entirely, so you should never completely trust any search engine. Don’t assume they will give you honest, unbiased, information without hidden agenda’s. But maybe you are all worn down by it and googled out? Maybe you don’t care anymore?


What can you do

We recommend that you start making changes to counter this kind of browser espionage and start implementing your own counter measures.

The first thing to do is to change your Search engine. Find a search engine which  Does not track your movements.

Secondly find a search engine that does not present you with search answers from its own Subsidiaries or partners to try and trap you in their web of profit making.

We recommend you change your search engine to DuckDuckGo on all your devices They don’t track you and they won’t present their own interests to you but give unbiased answers

Here is a great article that explains in more details by Gabriel Weinberg, CEO & Founder of DuckDuckgo. 

And yes we did start this article by saying don’t trust anyone entirely but in our experience, DuckDuckGo lives up to its pledges.



Ready to discuss improving your business IT?

So are you ready to discuss improving your business IT Services?

ready to discuss improving your business IT Services
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IT Services in Essex

A picture containing indoor, table, sitting, small  Description automatically generatedWhen it comes to IT services in Essex, Over the last week we have had conversations with the owners of pubs, restaurants, commercial and residential builders. We’ve also spoken to sole traders, charity, not for profit, manufacturers, doctors and learning centres.

Where else would you get the opportunity to discuss how IT can improve business outcomes other than with the amazing small and medium businesses and charities that operate in the UK? I am loving what we are doing, we are on an amazing journey with our customers.

How Saint IT can help

At Saint IT we believe IT systems and solutions should seamlessly support the operation of our customers business. We care about your success. That’s why we strive to offer the best IT services in Essex

Our company principal of customer first drives our determination to understand the business of our customers and how IT can solve challenges and support future growth. We equally understand that our customers need a cost-effective solution appropriate for the size of  their business. Saint IT believes that we can achieve these results for you.

Why not contact us now?

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Design for a Small Business Owner: Three Important Things to Understand

When creating and growing your small business, there are many things to consider. One important aspect is design. Design covers many areas including visual appeal and ease of use. For example, you must design marketing material to promote your business. This is often an area that people fall short, but we have provided three simple tips below that will help improve your design!

business Insider

Design is important for all aspects of your business

Many people may think that design simply applies to marketing material. However, it must be considered for many more aspects of your small business. These include your website, your emails, your physical marketing, and your social media profiles and posts.

For example, your business website must have a great design. It must be able to attract customers, but also be easy to use. Similarly, your email newsletters and even your standard emails must have design considerations. For example, you should create an email signature that promotes your business in a positive manner, and that contains important contact information.

Think about different aspects of your business, and how design can affect them.

There are many free, easy-to-use design resources online

As a small business owner, you may think that you have to outsource design work, marketing, and promotions to third-party companies. However, that is not the case today! Providing you have a rudimentary understanding of business and marketing, you can easily use a plethora of free online resources for design.
Examples include Logo Creator, GIMP, and Canva. Logo Creator is a free app for logo design. It has a simple interface and tools that anyone can learn. You can create a custom logo from scratch, and also import existing files. Also, you can use a variety of professional templates for inspiration or use them as the basis for your logo.
GIMP is an open-source graphics design tool. This software has similar features to Adobe Photoshop and is free to use. Using GIMP, you can edit photos, and create marketing material for your business. GIMP also has a large community and a huge repository of guides, tutorials, and resources.
Lastly, Canva is an online platform to create social media marketing. You can use this platform for free to create things for your business like Facebook headers, YouTube thumbnails, and Instagram infographics.
Always design with the end-user in mind and their experience
A main component of the design is to think of your customers and/or end-users. Oftentimes we simply design things that look great and are impactful. While this is important, things you create must also offer a great user experience, have a clear purpose, and be effective.
For example, let’s say you are creating a new marketing campaign for your small business. A primary aim is to make your products/services look great and attractive to the customers. However, you should also consider the design of the marketing and how customers will use it. This includes things like calls to action, use of persuasive colors, and use of certain design elements to draw the customer’s attention to specific areas of the marketing.
Don’t simply think of design as a stylistic thing. Design also includes usability and customer interactions. You must consider how design affects your customer’s experience with your business. Always strive to give them a positive experience, and use design to enhance the things you create.
We hope you have found this article beneficial. It is important to look at the design and incorporate these three simple tips when creating and managing your small business and its marketing.

How’s your online presence?

Websites are often the front door to your business. have you asked yourself recently “How’s your online presence?”

We all make decisions based on what we see online, it is a key part of choosing who to do business with, eat or drink in a particular place or find out information.

The results that our customers achieve by having a well designed, content rich and relevant web presence is exciting to see. Our unique cross platform joint marketing puts Saint IT at the heart of our customers business. Its important to ask yourself regularly “How’s your online presence?”

How we can help

Saint IT provides services to Small and Medium business, being an SME ourselves we understand what it takes to get your company, products and services showcased in the best way.

At Saint IT we believe IT systems and solutions should seamlessly support the operation of our customers business, we care about your success.

Customer first

Our company principal of customer first drives our determination to understand the business of our customers and how IT can solve business challenges and support future growth. We equally understand that our customers need a cost-effective solution appropriate for the size of business. Saint IT believes that we can achieve these results for you.

Find out more

We are a proud supporter of local charities and NFP organisations. To find our more drop us a line

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How's your online presence?