March Makeover | 50% off your new Website

Give your business that extra edge

Saint IT recognises the value of a good website to secure and maintain customer satisfaction. It’s been estimated that a business without a website will only reach 7% of its potential customers.

However, to make your business a real success, you’re going to have to do more than just reach your customers. Consider if your website attracts visitors to the services you are offering or does it put them off?

Even more importantly does your website reflect who you are or does it put people off buying from you? If they feel they can’t trust you they’ll never buy your products no matter how good they are. Remember, you might reach 100% of your target customers but a good website will build trust in you and confidence in your products, so make their experience more rewarding and your business more successful.

Our March Makeover Promotion

 That’s why we want to help and give your website that well-earned facelift.

For the whole of the month of March we are giving away 10 chances to get a website makeover at half the normal cost.

The first 10 people who
qualify will be rewarded with the offer of a tailor-made website for just

See Terms & Conditions for details.

50% Off website makeover

I want to register for a 50% discounted website makeover

Promo Ends

Terms & Conditions for Saint IT March Makeover promo

None of us likes small print but these conditions are here to assist you to participate in this offer.

  1. Offer open to SMEs and charities who have not previously worked with Saint IT Ltd
  2. Your existing website must not exceed 7 pages. i.e Homepage, About Us, Our Services, Contact Us, Gallery, Previous Projects, etc
  3. It is not necessary to own a website to qualify for this promotion, but the purchase of a domain name will be added to our fee
  4. Promotion does not apply to E-commerce websites or websites selling or containing products for sale
  5. Existing Saint IT customers or employees do not qualify for this promotion
  6. The closing date for our MARCH MAKEOVER discount is 31st March 2022
  7. Saint IT will design a new website based on your old website functionality with enhancements as agreed between you and Saint IT Ltd
  8. Saint IT adopts an Agile development methodology, Customers are required to be available for regular collaboration during the development cycle
  9. This promotion does not include, logo design, content writing, photography or social media integration
  10. This promotion requires a minimum 12 month hosting and maintenance agreement at £29.00 p/m
  11. 1.    
    No more
    than one website makeover per successful applicant.

  12. Successful competitors need to be registered businesses in the UK (ltd or sole traders) and be able to demonstrate a positive credit rating
  13. The new website will be designed and built by Saint IT staff, partners and subsidiaries, using WordPress CMS only
  14. All prices stated exclude VAT

Family Emerency? | is your phone in Sleep Mode?

Updated on 26-01-2021

Sleep Mode

So today (07-10-2016) my son was in a 70mph car accident, he lost control of his car and careered into the central reservation before then hitting the barrier on the left side of the carriage way. Don’t worry nobody was injured and no other cars were involved. Although his car will not be road worthy for some time if ever.

As a parent I feel particularly bad for him and the fact this happened to him but I’m grateful he walked away uninjured. But the main reason I feel so bad is knowing that immediately after the accident he spent 15 minutes on his own trapped in his car trying to phone his family. It was 8 am in the morning, my  Samsung S6 Edge was still on “Sleep Mode” so ringing me literally fell on deaf ears. 

The worst thing is that I know better. There is no reason to have my phone unable to receive emergency calls whilst it is on sleep mode.  Its just laziness I guess for not setting my phone up properly. 

I’m guessing I’m not the only one so if you have an Android phone too and you’ve not enabled Do Not Disturb Exceptions then here is how to set this up. Please note the location of the settings may vary depending on device or model.

  1. Go to Settings and search for: “Do Not Disturb” (Usually under “Sounds and Settings or under “Notifications”)
  2. Enable Do not Disturb, and if you want you can “Enable as Schedule” and set your schedule
  3. Go to Allow Exceptions > and choose “Custom”
  4. Enable “Alarms” else you won’t hear your alarms 
  5. You can enable “allow repeat callers” so anyone who calls more then once within 15 mins
  6. Enable “calls from” and “Messages from”
  7. Set these to “favourite contacts only”
  8. Now go to your contacts and choose which contacts you want to make favourites
  9. on my Android a favourite contact can be enabled by clicking on the star so it changes from outline to solid yellow
  10. Your DND exceptions are now set up
  11. If you use other Sleep mode profiles you will need to ensure that “sound” is set to “on under the sleep mode settings and set the volume to the required percentage.

A simple 5 minute job ensures your close family can contact you when they need to.

Saint IT Horizon Collaborate

A complete unified communications experience for your business

Horizon Collaborate Solution

“The pressure is on for businesses to appear always available to their customers and the technology provided to employees can make all the difference. Saint IT Horizon Collaborate has bridged the gap”

Improve the workplace experience

Employee engagement and satisfaction are vital parts of the employee experience. It will have a knock-on effect to the customer. Saint IT Horizon Collaborate works equally well on desktops as well as mobiles or tablets. Users will have their business communication system available wherever they are.

Streamline IT operations with Horizon Collaborate

Horizon Collaborate provides a range of business communication and collaboration tools, with an emphasis on control and administration through the portal removing the burden from the IT team.

Administrators can quickly configure the system according to the organisation’s changing requirements. Meanwhile employees can manage their communication environment easily through the desktop client and mobile app.

Business Benefits of Horizon Collaborate

Instant messaging – Online chat between users, reducing email inefficiencies.

Presence – This shows your personal status such as: ‘available’, ‘busy’, ‘in a meeting’, ‘away’. This helps determine the best way to communicate with someone.

Hosted PBX features – The full telephony feature set and service including bundled minutes.

Video Calling – Create a stronger collaborative experience using visual communication from mobile or desktop app.

Ad-hoc and planned conferencing – Quick and easy multi-party collaboration using My Room. A personal and fully managed conferencing space for voice, video and sharing.

And much more – Download our whitepaper below.

Knowledgebase – 1012 – Clearing Browser Cache on Mobile Devices

Occasionally webpages or apps in your browser do not display correctly and require your browser cache to be cleared. Many of us know how to do this on a laptop but how is it done on a mobile device?  Please note instructions can vary from device to device depending on the versions and model of the device. These settings were taken from a Samsung tab A  with Android

[pdf-embedder url=”–-1012-–-Clearing-Browser-Cache-on-Mobile-Devices.pdf” title=”Knowledgebase – 1012 – Clearing Browser Cache on Mobile Devices”]