Saint IT | proud Sponsors of the Twinkle Star Statue

Saint IT | Proud Sponsors Of The Twinkle Star Statue

Twinkle Star Statue Appeal in Colchester is entering is final lap of fundraising.  The worlds most famous poem written by Jane Taylor who lived in Colchester with her sister is finally getting recognised for originating from Colchester 

Saint IT are very proud to be one of the sponsors who have helped make this a reality. Maarten Westera and his family who are residents in Colchester are always keen to support any local projects that help to promote our beautiful town which became a city only recently in 2022. 

Promote our Heritage

Maarten said “Colchester is Britain’s first city and is now also Britain’s newest city. It’s a great privilege to live here and be able to support and promote the wonderful heritage we have. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is the worlds most famous poem and so few people know it was written in Colchester”