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A complete unified communications experience for your business

Horizon Collaborate Solution

“The pressure is on for businesses to appear always available to their customers and the technology provided to employees can make all the difference. Saint IT Horizon Collaborate has bridged the gap”

Improve the workplace experience

Employee engagement and satisfaction are vital parts of the employee experience. It will have a knock-on effect to the customer. Saint IT Horizon Collaborate works equally well on desktops as well as mobiles or tablets. Users will have their business communication system available wherever they are.

Streamline IT operations with Horizon Collaborate

Horizon Collaborate provides a range of business communication and collaboration tools, with an emphasis on control and administration through the portal removing the burden from the IT team.

Administrators can quickly configure the system according to the organisation’s changing requirements. Meanwhile employees can manage their communication environment easily through the desktop client and mobile app.

Business Benefits of Horizon Collaborate

Instant messaging – Online chat between users, reducing email inefficiencies.

Presence – This shows your personal status such as: ‘available’, ‘busy’, ‘in a meeting’, ‘away’. This helps determine the best way to communicate with someone.

Hosted PBX features – The full telephony feature set and service including bundled minutes.

Video Calling – Create a stronger collaborative experience using visual communication from mobile or desktop app.

Ad-hoc and planned conferencing – Quick and easy multi-party collaboration using My Room. A personal and fully managed conferencing space for voice, video and sharing.

And much more – Download our whitepaper below.

How’s your online presence?

Websites are often the front door to your business. have you asked yourself recently “How’s your online presence?”

We all make decisions based on what we see online, it is a key part of choosing who to do business with, eat or drink in a particular place or find out information.

The results that our customers achieve by having a well designed, content rich and relevant web presence is exciting to see. Our unique cross platform joint marketing puts Saint IT at the heart of our customers business. Its important to ask yourself regularly “How’s your online presence?”

How we can help

Saint IT provides services to Small and Medium business, being an SME ourselves we understand what it takes to get your company, products and services showcased in the best way.

At Saint IT we believe IT systems and solutions should seamlessly support the operation of our customers business, we care about your success.

Customer first

Our company principal of customer first drives our determination to understand the business of our customers and how IT can solve business challenges and support future growth. We equally understand that our customers need a cost-effective solution appropriate for the size of business. Saint IT believes that we can achieve these results for you.

Find out more

We are a proud supporter of local charities and NFP organisations. To find our more drop us a line

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How's your online presence?

How does IT give your business an advantage

Have you ever wondered? How does IT give your business an advantage.

How does IT give your business an advantage?
We help our customers get the most out of Information technology, reducing costs and supporting the growth of their business.

Our customers in hospitality, retail, construction, private practice, Health, Charity, not for profit and many more are using IT to grow their business, become more efficient and reduce costs.
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IT Services in Essex

A picture containing indoor, table, sitting, small  Description automatically generatedWhen it comes to IT services in Essex, Over the last week we have had conversations with the owners of pubs, restaurants, commercial and residential builders. We’ve also spoken to sole traders, charity, not for profit, manufacturers, doctors and learning centres.

Where else would you get the opportunity to discuss how IT can improve business outcomes other than with the amazing small and medium businesses and charities that operate in the UK? I am loving what we are doing, we are on an amazing journey with our customers.

How Saint IT can help

At Saint IT we believe IT systems and solutions should seamlessly support the operation of our customers business. We care about your success. That’s why we strive to offer the best IT services in Essex

Our company principal of customer first drives our determination to understand the business of our customers and how IT can solve challenges and support future growth. We equally understand that our customers need a cost-effective solution appropriate for the size of  their business. Saint IT believes that we can achieve these results for you.

Why not contact us now?

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Broaden your horizon

Its time to broaden your horizon with Saint IT and put your business back on top. 
These days it is all too easy to get a website that looks the same and says the same as everyone else’s, why not let Saint IT help you to get back on top with a fresh website that tells your target market who you are and what you can do for them.
We also offer web hosting to help you to keep your website up to date and in-line with any changes that happen along the way.
Broaden Your Horizon

Is your IT helping your business?

If Information Technology (IT) is not helping your business grow and succeed Saint IT can help. We offer a range of IT services designed for Small and Medium businesses at prices to suit your budget. Call or message us today to see the difference we can make. 0800 009 3064 #stainesuponthames #sunburyonthames #feltham #kingstononthames

Is your IT helping your business

Network Connectivity for your Business

Are you fed up with your expensive and unreliable Network Connectivity for your Business.

“In an internet driven world, connectivity is one of the most fundamental parts of your business.”

Get in touch with Saint IT and experience the best customer service. An important requirement for buying stable and reliable internet connectivity. Saint IT have partnered with one of our trusted partner to offer network products with unlimited usage, low contention, QoS and static IP addresses  as standard. Coupled with our skilled engineering team mean you are never left lagging behind and you always have the best possible connection into your business. Our reach covers 3 different carriers and 100% of UK exchanges meaning we can tailor a tariff and offering specific to any location making sure we deliver you the best connection possible.

Network Connectivity for your Business

Our Fibre Broadband Services are designed specifically for business users, small to medium sized businesses and remote workers. With options on business care levels and in-built backup options, we have got you covered!

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Struggling with your On-Premise services?

Are you still struggling with your On-Premise services?

Then partner with Saint IT and let us help you plan your migration project!

From project scope to project delivery, Saint IT are here to help.

Check out our IT Services page here review the information below from the Microsoft websites.

Microsoft 365 ↗

Make the most of your 365 with premium Office apps, extra cloud storage, advanced security, and more. Microsoft 365 has everything you need to help organize your life. 

With your mail, calendar, and file access in one secure app, you can manage your daily activities in one view with Outlook. The simple, intelligent design helps you read through your emails faster, and sort through emails quickly.

Access your files with the new Office mobile app for Android and iOS, that combines Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into one single app. Focus on what matters with Outlook mobile app, and create files anywhere with OneDrive mobile app.

Azure AD ↗

Use Azure Active Directory Domain Services to join Azure virtual machines to a domain, Take advantage of Azure Active Directory Domain Services Take advantage of Azure Active Directory Domain Services features like domain join, LDAP, NT LAN Manager (NTLM) and Kerberos authentication, which are widely used in enterprises. Migrate legacy directory-aware applications running on-premises to Azure, without having to worry about identity requirements.

Easily deploy line-of-business applications on Linux and Windows Server virtual machines on Azure. You don’t have to deploy domain controllers as Azure virtual machines or use a VPN connection back to your identity infrastructure.

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based service that focuses on mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM). You control how your organization’s devices are used, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

You can also configure specific policies to control applications. For example, you can prevent emails from being sent to people outside your organization. Intune also allows people in your organization to use their personal devices for school or work. On personal devices, Intune helps make sure your organization’s data stays protected and can isolate organization data from personal data.

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Ready to discuss improving your business IT?

So are you ready to discuss improving your business IT Services?

ready to discuss improving your business IT Services
Let us help you to Springboard your business to success.
Contact us for a free no obligation chat, to find out how IT Services can make your business more successful.  0800 009 3064 / 3065

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