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The Last 2 years has seen a record number of new small business start ups. In fact 770,000 new businesses appeared in 2020 in the UK. Whilst large enterprises struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic, many people decided this was the time to turn their ideas into reality and start their own businesses.

The female workforce was hit particularly hard with a reported 1.8 times more women losing their jobs compared to men. Etsy has seen a huge increase in new online businesses buying and selling goods A reported 81% of sellers identify as females on the platform.

Turn Your Ideas Into Reality with Saint IT

Saint IT has been around a bit longer then that but we are still passionate about helping small businesses achieve their goals. We literally want to help you turn your ideas into reality! Maybe your dream is big or maybe your dream is just to make a comfortable living, doing what you enjoy. We are here for you. and we LOVE what we do too.

Just listen to one of our youngest clients

“Saint IT Ltd helped make my website dreams come true!!! With lots of help and support from Maarten, Saint IT Ltd created an extremely professional looking and highly functional online store for my crafting passion! They work to a deadline amazingly well and even launched it on a Sunday on personal request! Absolutely could not recommend them enough!!!”


2020 named ‘Year of the Start-up’ with record 770,000 UK businesses created

According to a report by Smallbusiness.co.uk There were 305,608 online and mail order businesses created in 2020 compared to 13,615 in 2019. Buying and selling property was the third most popular source of new businesses created, growing by 40 per cent compared to 2019. The number of takeaway shops created increased by 33 per cent in 2020 compared to 2019.

We think it’s amazing that despite the huge challenges of the last 2 years that so many of you dared to dream. with many of us suffering great loss and hardships yet the entrepreneurial spirit keeps people dreaming and turning their ideas into reality!

reference: https://smallbusiness.co.uk/2020-named-year-of-the-start-up-as-record-770000-uk-businesses-created-2552978/

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You Need A Business Winning Idea To Be Successful

We are helping SMEs, sole traders, charities and not for profit organisations across the UK “Fly ahead of the rest” with business winning ideas on websites, IT solution and IT services. It takes a business winning idea to be successful every day. Saint IT bring creativity, passion and inspiration to every project. We help you get the most out of your websites and IT Services. We design, build and maintain business winning websites. Our work stretches across organisations from all sectors including construction, legal services, manufacturing, medical, dental, hospitality, science / research and retail. Every day new ideas in design, functionality and productivity helps us bring success to SME organisations.

Not sure what you need?

So you’re struggling for a business winning idea or you’re not sure how to make it fly? Why not book a no obligation chat. We are here to help, just follow the link to our website below and register a slot or drop us a message!

You have a business winning idea but need a partner to get it off the ground?

We have a flexible scalable model which means we can design your business winning ideas and bring them into reality or we can make your fully fledged designs get off the ground. Simply complete our RFQ form online and we’ll provide a quote within 24hrs.

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Is your IT helping your business?

If Information Technology (IT) is not helping your business grow and succeed Saint IT can help. We offer a range of IT services designed for Small and Medium businesses at prices to suit your budget. Call or message us today to see the difference we can make. 0800 009 3064

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Is your IT helping your business

How does IT give your business an advantage

Have you ever wondered? How does IT give your business an advantage.

How does IT give your business an advantage?
We help our customers get the most out of Information technology, reducing costs and supporting the growth of their business.

Our customers in hospitality, retail, construction, private practice, Health, Charity, not for profit and many more are using IT to grow their business, become more efficient and reduce costs.

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The New Use of Technology in the Jobs Market

The new use of technology in the jobs market in recent months has seen seismic changes both for recruiters and candidates alike. Technology is now an essential part of both attracting, hiring as well as on-boarding new candidates. The use of remote meeting tools, such as Microsoft 365 Teams, has almost completely taken over the interview process. Since the start of 2020 remote meeting solutions were rarely used, with companies still preferring face to face meetings. Now however, this seismic shift, known as Covid-19, has overturned that. Almost 70% of all interviews now take place via digital means.

More Technology changes

I remember in the past you would be at a big disadvantage if you did not drive or have a car to get to work. These days, most Job specs will require you to work from home for at least some of the week. I wonder how long it will take before you will see requirements like “highspeed internet” and a “quiet office space at home” making it onto the job specs.

Attenti executive recruitment

Attenti executive recruitment is a long standing customer of Saint IT. We built a technology solution for Attenti, and provide ongoing support, which has enabled them to effectively reach their executive client base and importantly match them up with candidates. Using technology to match potential candidates with senior executive vacancies is at the core of what Attenti is able to offer. We are proud to be able to support this excellent SME.

Saint IT since our inception in 2016, specialises in providing IT Solutions for the small and medium enterprise. Saint IT supports businesses with work-anywhere-solutions through our partnership with Microsoft 365, NSN and others. Take a look at how we are supporting SMEs, not for profit and charity organisations by improving the use of digital technology in their businesses to first drive efficiencies and secondly increase productivity.

Saint IT offers the SME’s across the UK services for:

  • Managed IT Services
  • IT Consultancy
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Microsoft 365 solutions and support
  • Web design and hosting
  • Multi and hybrid cloud computing
  • Hardware provisioning
  • Network and telephony systems and support
  • Remote working and bring your own device (BYOD)
  • Business continuity services
  • Requirements management and system design
  • Project planning and delivery

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